A Levi jacket.

Coming soon – although I’m still not sewing right now as there are too many distractions, the latest shirt is partially completed and I’m keen to get back to it. In the meantime I’ve ordered a Levi jacket pattern on eBay, I’ve looked for one at the big sewing shop in the city but no luck.

I have to wait until the 14th for the pattern to be delivered…that should give me time to finish this darned shirt.

This is the pattern; a traditional Levi jacket in sizes from XS to XL. I’ve made them in the past and it’ll be great to make another one… or two.
I have denim I was going to use to make a shirt but may use it for this if I have enough. My plan is to eventually stray from just denim and use other materials, a new sewing adventure.

NOW of course I shall have to buy press studs for the front, cuffs and band.

I hope one of my machines can cope, if the new ones can’t then I’m sure one of the vintage machines will.

Happy sewing,

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