Pattern making…

…or chaos.
I have been trying to make interesting yokes for the block shirt; the front is alright, quite straightforward but the back is a problem, the shirt back is shaped to brings the whole back close to the neck.

The shirt back bows to a centimetre in the middle whereas the yoke is straight.

I can’t straighten the yoke to the body because then the neck hole will be too big, so I aligned the two pieces and have taken the excess out of the centre back – I hope this doesn’t make the shirt too tight across the shoulders because it’s almost 1.5cm off the width.

This is the 1.5cm this way; doesn’t work.

Anyway, this is the first back yoke.

And this is the front yoke. The curve will be (sort of) over the pocket.

It will be edged with biased strips so it can be turned under.

If this works I shall make other yokes like a pointy western style and whatever else I can think of.

I wish I found this easy…

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