More pattern making.

I have copied all my block shirt pattern pieces onto Ramboard, it’s nice to have a neat, clean pattern with no dog ears and not so many folds and creases.

The old and the new; I was using the one piece for placket front and full front and so it is folded quite often.

This is the complete pattern, I’ve made a few alterations, shortened it by 2 cm and lengthened the sleeves by 2 cm – I always had to remember to do this on the old pattern.
The corners were becoming very worn and I was concerned that this would alter the size or shape.
I have been using this pattern for about 15 years, originally with other patterns but it’s been the only one I use for many years now – the pattern cardboard has stood up to the wear very well, I hope the Ramboard does as well.

It’s a very warm day and still no rain.

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