This has nothing to do with sewing but all about birds, I feed and water the birds who come to my garden and it’s great to watch them, it’s especially important at this time to have plenty of water for them.

A Rainbow Lorikeet feather.

They leave me feathers, I collect some of them.

The Rainbow Lorikeets put on a flashy show.

I’ve been mulching the garden ready for the next level of water restrictions.


Most of the birds are becoming less afraid of me now which means I can actually do things outside instead of waiting for them to go, like mulching this morning – the Corellas stayed around.

The Corella feathers have a hint of pale yellow on the edges.
There are jet black Currawongs with bright yellow eyes.
And Magpies, always looking for trouble. They steal but bring me gifts as well.

The scary ones are the Black Cockatoos, they are enormous with a wing span of 1 metre, the sky almost darkens when they fly over – They don’t come very often which is just as well because they can be destructive.

Black Cockatoo feathers, there’s nothing small about these birds.

Back to sewing today.


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