It’s a Pinnock.

I’m having a hiatus from sewing for a few days but I’d like to make a jeans jacket and have to find a pattern. In the meantime I thought I’d have a look at the tough old machines I’ve acquired.
I was going to examine them all today but these ‘portable’ machines weigh at least a tonne – so one was enough.

This machine; a Pinnock was abandoned, it was on the nature strip outside a house with a ‘free’ sign on it, so I took it – just before a thunderstorm, it would have been very sad if it was destroyed because it’s been well looked after.

I don’t know it’s age, possibly 1960s.

I oiled it and tried it out.
The foot lever is at the back which I was used to in the past and it took me quite a while to manage the right-sided lever but now it’s the reverse, I find this one awkward.

I started sewing on machines with this type of tension disc but it baffled me today, I think I’ve figured it out.

I like this type of foot control where the whole foot is on the pedal, much easier to use
(this one needs a clean).

When I first brought it home I tried it and it worked quite well, I didn’t try the fancy stitches and I’m still not sure how they work but I noticed this time that the belt is slipping, so I’ll have to buy a replacement before I try it again.

The sewing wasn’t too bad after I sorted out the tension, it even did a little zigzag for me.

I’m looking forward to having this serviced and running well, this or the other two oldies will handle sewing denim when I start the jacket.

That’s it for today,


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