I’m having a break from shirts and trying a few other things.
My printer now has a new cover and I made a cover for an iPad, I bought a keyboard for the iPad and it won’t fit in the original cover so I rustled one up quickly – I’ll probably make a better one eventually.

The printer cover, very simple but I just had a cloth over it before, this looks smarter.

The iPad case; a rush job and room for improvement, I shall use it as a guide for a nicer one.

I also like Origami but don’t get around to doing much, I made these bunnies for Easter and left them on a table at the local shopping centre, it was great to see children enjoying them…I’ll have to see if I can find something relating to Christmas.

I also started bead weaving again; I did it years ago and made bracelets and hat bands, they worked out well but the recent attempt was awful, I’ve decided it was the beads (a poor workman blames his tools) – the beads were large and varied in size so I bought seed beads and I’ll see if I can do better.
I used to draw the pattern on graph paper which was simple and worked well…I have graph paper so will work out a design.

And of course, there is this; my scrap holder, I am using it for cut threads and corner trims, the bin never seemed to be in the right place and I had to hold it up when snipping corners but this makes it easy…not glamorous but if I work on it, it may look better.

I’ve never tried embroidery so that may be next although it looks like hard work, I could look good on a shirt or jacket. I’d like to use quilting on a jacket as well…

A few drops of rain today, that was nice.

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