Possible future projects.

I’ve been refolding my fabric collection; it’s a good idea to do it occasionally to prevent permanent folds, they can be difficult and sometimes impossible to iron out – plus it means that I can check through them all and apart from feeling guilty for buying so much, I know what I have.

Anyway, I’ve almost finished a shirt which I like and have found a few pieces which will probably work as future shirts. I buy a lot from charity shops and they’re often not long enough for a shirt but combining pieces will mean there will be enough.

I like these, I’ll see if anyone wants me to make shirts from them, if not, I’ll make them for myself.

This is a crazy pattern and I like it, combined with the slightly darker fabric of the same weight will work.

I also like this, somewhat futuristic with a cool, clear blue contrast.

And a polka dot with dark blue – the polka dot is a chambray and didn’t photograph well.

I shall be finishing the latest shirt tonight. The garden has been keeping me away, I’m turning sweeping lawns into a jungle using the permaculture method; this is supposed to be a ‘non dig’ style of gardening…believe me, there’s far to much digging involved.

Take care,

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