An unremarkable shirt.

but I love the colour.

A pleasant soft pink.

This is how I attach cuffs and collars, I sew from the centre out, tying off all the threads and weaving them through the collar/cuff, it gives an excellent finish.

When I turn the sleeve plackets, I finger press and wriggle the centre piece; it helps the whole placket fall into place.

I always iron the sleeve placket before attaching it to the shirt.

I glued the pocket in place instead of pinning, it made it easier to sew.

I was going to use embroidery thread to top-stitch but the pink was in the machine, so left it; ordinary polyester thread.

That’s it for today, I’ve been asked to make a pair of trousers, it’s been many years since I have made them, it will be interesting to see if I still can.


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