The solution to a problem.

I recently posted about a problem with two shirts where the fabric puckered no matter what I did or how much care I took – I tried different tensions to no avail.
It was the same fabric but different colours.

These are the two who caused me grief, they’re OK but I just don’t like the rough finish.

I haven’t tried stabilisers on a scrap of this fabric but I am sure it will work, I bought the Washaway tape some time ago and this would have been a perfect chance to test it out – but I forgot about it until now. I also have tear away stabiliser which may have been even better if I cut into strips wherever there was a seam.

Never mind, the deed is done, I could say ‘next time’ but I hope there will never be a next time.

I have finished my latest shirt, beautiful fabric and it sewed like a dream. On to the next, a blue gingham, not for me this time.


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