Purple, purple everywhere.

Beautiful Jacarandas are in bloom and filling the air with their honey-sweet perfume. I was inspired by their rich purple colour to buy a shirt length of lovely cotton fabric.

The skyline is a mixture of purple Jacaranda and crimson Poinciana now, a wonderful sight.

My tribute to the Jacarandas, I have to finish the current project, a tropical shirt; just button and holes to go and then I can make this and stand under the Jacarandas (the fallen flowers would have created their carpet of purple by then).

Speaking of plants, I have been planting out the lawn which is drought-proof Buffalo grass but I think the current weather will beat even this tough grass. I’ve been planting native bushes – the upside of is when they grow, there will be no lawns to mow and I will be able to spend that time sewing.

The parrots love to feed on the Grevillea flowers so that’s another positive.

The buttonholes are calling me.

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