Eye on the needle.

Good Morning Sewists,
My tale for the day: We are told nowadays not to look at the needle when top-stitching but rather use the foot as a guide. I tried this and ended up with a mess, I have always looked at the needle and can’t do it any other way.
Methods become a habit and habits are alright if the end result is good, I’ve been looking at the needle for too many years now to change my ways.

I’ve almost finished this tropical paradise, then on to the next project – which will be sewing machine covers, I thought I had wadding but don’t, which means a trip to the fabric shop – hooray! More fabric.
Next shirt, pale blue gingham, I feel it’s time for dear old gingham to make a comeback.

It’s very early in the morning – 04.15, time to sew.
Regards, Will.

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  1. When I sew “normal” things, I always pay attention to the foot. It is practical for me, because the distance is always the same. When I applique, I only pay attention to the needle. I even bought an extra sewing foot that is completely open at the front so I can see the needle better.

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