My troubles are over.

Good evening Sewists,

I mentioned on another post that I was dealing with a difficult fabric, a beautiful blue colour but inclined to pucker no matter how hard I tried to prevent it, I tried various things to no avail – but I did have one idea (too late) of using strips of tear-away stabiliser on the important seams such as the front placket, back yoke, etc.

Anyway, this is the shirt;

I was going to take a photo wearing it but the battery on my camera died and a selfie on an iPad wouldn’t work, so this is taken with the iPad, on a hanger. I bought a blow-up torso to show shirts but I think it needs more air.

I decided to experiment with this shirt considering it wasn’t going to be all that great and I used multi-coloured thread for top stitching and buttonholes, the buttonholes are interesting but I wouldn’t bother to do it again.

I used a contrast fabric on the collar stand and inner cuffs, my original plan was to use the contrast on the inside of the front placket but decided I was in enough trouble without that.
Will I wear it? probably.
Oh, I had to go into the city today and bought another shirt length, a small check pale blue gingham, I haven’t worn gingham for years and decided it was time.

Time for bed, good night.

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