A new toy.

Good afternoon.
I was given a sewing machine today, it’s a Pinnock Craftmatic and as far as I can tell, it’s from the 1960s – I shall check the model number later.

It’s in perfect condition, the case doesn’t have any marks.

It is very dusty and will need an oil before I try it but I’m very eager sew with it. It has a couple of bobbins and a needle so I’ll know what to use…Can’t wait.

Apart from fluff and dust it’s perfect under the hood.

It uses metal bobbins and this type of case – I have spares of both.

This machine is supposed to be portable but I had trouble lifting it, it’s solid cast metal, no plastic way back then.

I have to get it up and running, I think it’ll be great for heavier material, it’s exciting!



  1. I also bought a really old machine a year and a half ago. It is completely made of metal and damn heavy. I bought it so I could sew jeans and leather with it. I’ve only tested it so far, but I haven’t sewed anything with it yet.
    Maybe I don’t even need it anymore with my new machine.

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  2. I think it’s worth keeping your old machine, it’s good to have a mechanical machine because they are easy to repair and maintain and are great for heavy work, my new electronic machine is heavy-duty but I don’t like pushing it too hard, I’ll be making a denim shirt soon and will use the old machine for topstitching without worrying that I’m stressing the machine – It’s always good to have a back-up machine…or two.


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