Vintage patterns.

I love old patterns, they are interesting and draughted much better than modern examples.
The sewist had to be skilled at their craft because there is very little advice or help on the patterns, no marked seamlines and minimum instructions.

They are more complex than modern patterns and therefore the clothes fit better. Men’s trousers were a better fit because of the cut and also because a curved fly zip was used, I was using these way back in the 1970s – surprisingly, they are still available.
I may adapt the Lumber Jacket pattern for next winter, I used to make underwear but not like these…might be worth a try.

These are the ‘newest’ of the old patterns; 1941. I also have quite a few from the 1960s through to the 1990s. I’m not ready to wear the oversize clothes from the nineties yet but will save the patterns anyway.

I haven’t seen any ancient patterns in op shops (charity shops) for years, in fact there aren’t many patterns at all, people just don’t sew much any more I suppose, what a pity. I have all the patterns well protected and they haven’t deteriorated since they’ve been in my care which is at least 20 years for some of them.

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