A sewing machine cover.

Good morning,
I’ve been thinking of the design for a sewing machine cover, I have to make five in different sizes so I want a simple design.
I worked this one out and THEN looked online instead of the other way around, I shall have an in depth look at others before I decide.

This is my design:

I haven’t done much edge binding with tape but I thought it would be easier to have all the seams on the outside, I have wadding and will quilt the fabric, perhaps use scraps (I think I prefer plain).

It’s nice to have a break from the heart-breaking blue shirt I’m working on, I shall finish it but don’t know if I’ll wear it, probably give it to a charity shop, it will look OK when it’s finished but it has frustrated me. It’s almost finished I am pleased to say.

A pleasant morning, cool and sunny, no rain of course, I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like.

Take care,

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