A new blue shirt.

Good afternoon sewists,

Starting a new shirt today, it’s a beautiful Wedgwood Blue fabric and the trim will be leftovers from a previous shirt because they go well together.

The inner left front will be the patterned fabric and also the collar stand, under collar and cuff linings.

I had to make a new pattern piece for the front placket.

This pattern piece may also be used for piping along the front placket edge. Now I will have to concentrate and not cut the pieces the wrong way around.

I have to think cool clothing now, the weather is heating up unfortunately, the last two summers have been far too hot and I think this will be the same – and not a drop of rain for weeks, I’m planting out the lawns with native bushes, trees and grasses (the added advantage is no more mowing).

Still no trip to buy denim yet but this shirt will keep me occupied.

Take care,
regards, Will.

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