The flower stitch foot.

Good evening Sewists,
I bought a flower stitch foot because it intrigued me and looked like fun to use. I couldn’t see a practical application for it, I didn’t think it would look good on shirts and I don’t make cushions anymore but I had to try anyway.

I tried it on all my machines without much success until I tried my old Singer Capri, it worked because it’s the only one with adjustable foot pressure and it needs full pressure.

Not many machines have adjustable pressure these days, maybe very expensive ones, I don’t know.

My dear old machine, spotless and as good as new and it sews beautifully, even flowers.

I would probably improve with time, I watched videos on YouTube and some of the patterns were great – but this is my effort. The movement is interesting and reminiscent of the amazing attachments on very old machines. It will now be put away and never taken out unless I want to play with it again.

Take Care,
Regards, Will.

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  1. I have to admit that I had to google to see what a flower stitch foot is hehe.
    I came across a video of someone showing how to sew flowers with it. I could imagine that it would look beautiful on a dress or on pillows or tablecloths. Or on a bag like in the video. I hope, if you use the new foot, that you post the piece 🙂

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