Vintage me.

I made a denim shirt some time in the 1980s and have worn it often – it has survived very well, it must have been a great piece of fabric. I still wear it regularly even though the style is a little dated; loose fitting with big, rounded pockets and looser sleeves than I like.

It shows no sign of wear, I can’t say that modern fabrics would stand up this well.
I want to make a new denim shirt but haven’t been able to get to the big fabric shop in the city even though it’s only 20 minutes away – maybe some time this week, meanwhile I’ll work out my machine cover pattern and I have two ‘tame’ lengths of fabric to make into shirts, a white and a pale blue.

One thing I notice on this shirt is that my top-stitching is straight and true, I found it much easier then than now which is a pity.

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