Old friends and a new stand.

Good morning Sewists,
I’ve bought a few sewing machines over many years. When I buy a new one it’s because it does more things than the previous machine but I keep the old one as backup.

I do look after my machines and so they last, I bought the two vintage machines because I think they’re beautiful and needed a good home. This week I bought a stand from Big W so they can be out and not stuck in a cupboard, the stand fitted perfectly into a corner of the sewing room.

Not an attractive piece but practical and functional – and a sewing room can never have too many drawers. It didn’t have a bottom shelf so I made one, I just need to sand and stain it.

One project I shall start soon is fabric covers for some of the machines, three of them have soft plastic covers which attracts dust. I’ve never sewn bags or covers or suchlike so it’ll be a change from shirts, bow ties and clothing – a pleasant one I hope.

That’s my day, I hope you have a good one,
Regards, Will.


  1. I also want to do something so that my sewing machine doesn’t get dusty. The original cover doesn’t look so nice. I’ve been looking for inspiration for a cover for a long time, but I didn’t like all the sewn covers at Pinterest. For months I have had another idea, but I still have to think about how I can put it into practice. Fortunately for me, because I now have a new machine and gave away one of my old ones. (I still have one in reserve). Would have been annoying to have to make my plan twice.

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    • I couldn’t give my old machines away, so I have them all around my sewing room. If someone really needed one then I could part with one.
      I hadn’t thought of looking up patterns for a cover, I just have an idea in mind but now I will look at some and maybe change the design. I am going to pad it slightly, so I have to dig out some wadding I know I have somewhere and then I can start experimenting.
      I like the look of your new machine by the way.


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