Mr Toad.

Good morning Sewists.
Ready for a wild ride with Mr Toad…
I have finished my latest shirt using ‘Toad’ fabric, it’s colourful and I like it. The new techniques are working and the finish is much better.
There is a change of pocket design and my favourite style can have a rest for a while.

The good thing about this type of fabric is that matching isn’t important.

Too much? I like it, it brightens my day

Always pleased when the collar works out OK.
Now on to the next shirt, a jungle pattern.

Take care,
Regards, Will.

One comment

  1. If you do something yourself and you like it, there can’t be too much. The times when grandpas always wore white boring shirts are over. So, show the world your colors, and I’m sure if you wear the shirt, you’ll get a few smiles because of Mr. Toad 🙂 I like the pattern

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