Practical things.

Good morning everyone.
I’m making yet another shirt today and looking at my block pattern I thought about how I have simplified some aspects of cutting out shirts and therefore making things a bit easier for myself.
Because I more or less make the same shirt (unless I’m making them for someone else) I have things prepared in advance.

I make the interfacing on the collars, cuffs & stand slightly smaller than the pattern, just a little less than the seam allowance, this means less bulk, so they have their own patterns.

I have a variety of collars & cuffs, although I often make changes on the fly. Same thing with the interfacing pattern.

Because I always use a featherweight on the front placket and pocket tops I have a stack ready cut – I use these on other shirts as well because the front plackets are usually the same.
The featherweight is awful to handle, it sticks to my fingers, I think I have it laid out nicely and ready to iron, I lift my hand and it comes with them but it’s best for fronts because it anchors the buttons, makes a great stabiliser for the buttonholes but has no bulk to make the front stiff.

I use the off-cuts for the pocket tops. I always end up with too many small pieces and reluctantly throw some out, I don’t like waste.

Same deal with pockets, I have a variety although I tend to use my favourite; centre top, it’s easy to use. The sleeve placket is standard on all shirts unless I’m making a contrast placket.

Back to my latest shirt; Mr Toad, it’s bright and showy, can’t wait to wear it.

Take care,
Regards, Will.

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