Certain fabrics.

Good morning,

Like most sewists, I have a lot of fabric and most of them I love but there a few I’m less fond of – there are two which are beautiful quality cotton but the patterns don’t move me (it’s me, not the fabric, I am sure many people will think they’re wonderful).

I have metres of both, I don’t remember buying them, whether it was from a charity shop (most likely) or a fabric shop. Anyway, I’ll keep them for quilting.

Another lot I have and I’ve definitely bought from charity shops are small pieces, usually about fat quarter size, they’re cheap and therefore irresistible. My way of dealing with them was to cut them up into small pieces so they were a kaleidoscope instead of a pattern.

This works for me. I will try to resist ever buying fabric ever again but I don’t think I’ll be successful – perhaps just shirt lengths from now on because I’ve stopped making quilts, I like the patchwork part but don’t like the finishing; sandwiching the patchwork with wadding and backing, I have about ten that need finishing. Perhaps I’ll take them to be professionally quilted some day.

I am doing the buttonholes/buttons on a shirt today, it’s for someone else and they are anxious to get their hands on it.

Take care,

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