Pattern problems.

Good morning Sewists.

I don’t usually have problems with commercial patterns, well, the ones I use for myself, I lengthen the body and sleeves and they’re OK, some have things I don’t like, most modern patterns have puffy sleeves so that’s why I use a 1970s pattern for my block shirt, it’s slimmer and sleeker.

I used a smaller size of one pattern I have, it was OK in my size but I made a size 38 for someone else and the pattern was really out. The armhole (armscye) was enormous and I had to make it much smaller.

I’ve spoken to several people and they’ve all had difficulties with these patterns but this has been my first bad experience. I now have a good size 38 block pattern and will add anything I need to this – I’ll draft a better copy without staples and tape because I’ll be making a few this size.

I have been thinking of trying an independent pattern maker to see how their garments turn out.

Regards, Will.

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