A Grandpa shirt.

Good morning sewists.

In the 1970s there was a style of shirt known as a ‘Grandpa’ shirt, they usually had no collar, just the stand, I liked them and made quite a few way back then. Recently I looked for this type of pattern and could only find one from an independent pattern maker but it had a strange bib-like effect at the front, so the only thing to do was make my own using my block shirt pattern.

I made an overlay for my standard pattern to about halfway down the front (saves cardboard).

I marked and slashed the front and cut two plackets longer than the slash.

Stitched to the front, both sides and then the front is cut to the corners, just like a sleeve placket.

Both plackets attached, ready for top stitching.

Not bad for a trial run. Take the bottom of the placket through to the back, the bottom can be sewn with a square and X or just straight across, I overlocked the inside to stop fraying.

I made the placket longer on the finished shirt and I’m happy with the result. I may make one with only the collar stand just like the good old days.

A loose weave with a stripe would be great for this

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