The joy of sewing.

Simon Nisha has a post on WordPress where the benefits of sewing for mental health is discussed, it’s a great article and I would include a link but don’t know how. I agree, it’s a great way to relax – even when things go wrong.

I have been sewing for decades and can’t imagine life without a sewing machine, it’s therapeutic, creative and rewarding. There are so many aspects of needlework, including notions and haberdashery or visiting charity shops looking for bargains; fabric, thread or vintage patterns.

Life has been fast, fun and busy over the years but there has always been time for sewing. It’s also practical, ending up with well tailored, inexpensive clothes that fit well is a plus.

Sewing these days usually is done in silence; it’s very quiet here, just the chatter and chirping of birds; Kookaburras laughing or Magpies warbling at the door demanding a morsel of food. Sometimes I listen to music, mainly old music from the 1930s to the 1950s, Peggy Lee is a favourite.

My current shirt is taking a long time because I’m distracted by other tasks, the necessary chores needed to keep life running smoothly but I take a few minutes to do something, sew a seam, cut out a pattern piece or look at fabrics to see what to make next.

Sewing is definitely therapeutic, I recommend it, even if a person has never sewn before, we all have to start somewhere and practice makes perfect

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