Bobbins, drop in or front loading?

When I started sewing there were only front loading machines with metal bobbins but then drop in bobbins arrived and I am wondering if one was better than the other, there isn’t much information either way, each has its fans, older sewists seem to prefer front load and younger people have never known anything else but drop in.

The front load is my cheap little Singer, the disadvantage is that I can’t see how much thread is left in the bobbin, I have to remove the free arm section, open a flap and grab the bobbin case with my clumsy fingers, then lower the needle to bring the thread up to the throat/dog plate – not very convenient, but these machines can use metal bobbins which hold much more thread.

The new Singer has a drop in bobbin, I can see how much thread is left, it loads very easily and has a little blade to cut the thread so I don’t have to pull it up to start sewing.

I tested both, no difference, so I’m happy with the convenience of the drop in. I’ll use the mechanical machine for heavier sewing.

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