Adding a front yoke to an existing pattern.

I use a block pattern for my shirts these days because it’s the best fit, I’ve made a few variations, different collars and cuffs, an attached front or front placket but I thought I’d try making front yoke variations and I’ve made the first one.

My favourite pattern, McCalls 8711, a 1979 pattern (old patterns are usually a better fit than new).

I’ll take the yoke to the top of the pocket and it will be a straight, simple yoke, fancy ones will be next. I’m using Ramboard for the new piece and I have traced around the original front.

The copy: I made it 1cm longer, the width of a seam which will bring it almost to the pocket – but all of that can be adjusted, the pocket can go down a little if needed.

I cut it out using my non-fabric rotary cutter and scissors, Ramboard is quite thick.

The new piece fits alright, it should work well, it can be used as an overlay or seamed yoke.

Named and ready to use, once I’ve tried it out I will figure out where I can cut the funny bit at the bottom.

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