There’s something special about buttons, I like vintage buttons and had jars full of them until I went into a cleanup rampage and gave them away – my thinking was that I am only going to make shirt these days and I only need 12mm buttons so the others were superfluous.

I found a jar full of great buttons in a charity shop yesterday and bought them, most of them are ordinary but there are a few great old ones.

I haven’t rummaged through them thoroughly but these are a few of the treasures.

I have my shirt buttons which I like, nice bright, clear resin buttons, very inexpensive on eBay.

I used a mixture on my ‘Google’ shirt, people like it, except for one person who wondered if I used them this way because I didn’t have enough of the one colour.

I bought 9mm buttons to match the 12mm because I thought I’d do button-down collars, plus they’d be better on the sleeve plackets.

I have a container of mixed sizes, some OK for shirts and some too big, unless I start making clothing other than shirts I won’t use the larger buttons.

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