Bead weaving is NOT therapeutic.

I was shopping with a friend last week and he saw a bunch of beads and thought it would be good to have a beaded wristband. I made a big bead weaving loom years ago and made hat and wristbands; it was fun, I’d draw the design on graph paper, fairly easy and interesting – but it’s not so much fun anymore, my fingers seem to be clumsier than they used to be and the beads are so tiny.

I bought this loom in an op shop for $10 and I thought it was fate (or fateful). I still understand the basics, I have strung shirring elastic on the loom so it will stretch.

One problem is the beads, I used to use seed beads which are all the same size, these are a bit more ‘primitive’ and vary greatly.

I bought interesting needles for this; Collapsible Eye Needles, they are so fine, if I drop one, it will be hard to find (unless it ends up in my foot).

I’m sure things will improve and it’s an interesting change from sewing, something I can do whilst watching television.

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