Embroidery threads on a sewing machine.

I bought a box of embroidery threads to use on my non-embroidery machine because I thought it may add interest to my sewing.

It is a great selection of bright colours and metallics. So – I tested them with reasonable results.

I tried a metallic needle for metallic thread, this gave the best results and also an embroidery needle which works better on the plain threads.

I used a Thread Director, metallic thread breaks easily, so has to feed out horizontally or vertically, not pull from the end like a normal machine thread holder.

A cone holder will also work with these threads, I used this before I bought the Director.

I used a contrasting orange thread in the bobbin (plain 40wt. thread or less is best in the bobbin, not the same thread as the top).

The results: the metallic needle does a good job with straight or triple stitch, not so good with the patterned stitches – OK for me because I would only use them for topstitching.

Slightly better results with the plain embroidery thread and an embroidery needle.

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