I went through a busy waistcoat making stage late last year; I hadn’t made one in decades and I had some fabric I thought would be interesting.

This was the first one,

I have only worn one of them, I should try more before summer.

I couldn’t buy lining fabric for most of them, this has the proper lining – awful fabric to work with.
With lapels; I’d never made a waistcoat with lapels before.
A more subtle one. This looks like suede from a distance but it’s cotton
Another set of lapels.
I meant this to be a sample or toile but it worked out alright and I have worn it. I couldn’t find a double-breasted pattern at the time so I made my own.
This was a lapel sample – it’s rough.

All but two are backed with cotton fabric, I could probably buy a variety of lining fabric if I tried in Sydney, but I’m probably not going to make any more.

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