A new gift.

I have a new gift of a sewing machine, a Singer Confidence Quilter and it’s wonderful, it’s more than a quilting machine (I haven’t tried quilting on it yet) – I finished a shirt today and it sews beautifully and has a lot of power, thick seams don’t faze it.

It’s a BIG machine and very heavy, it has the usual fancy stitches which I shall probably never use, they are displayed on a pull out menu (which does look a bit delicate).

It has needle up/down and auto tension, it came with an extension table and a lot of feet and bits and pieces including a walking foot.

It has a simple to use interface, left arrows for multiples of 10, right, single digits.

I have several machines, an Elna Elnita 40 which was my favourite until this one came along, I have three Brothers, two cheap mechanical Singers and a couple of ancient machines but this is my first electronic Singer…I love it, thank you Mr Singer…

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