Making a Bow Tie

Make a self-tie bow tie with this simple method…

Cut a strip 6 ½” wide the width of the fabric, folded in half. I’m using quilting rulers.
Trim straight, removing the selvedge.
Press in half lengthwise to create a double piece 3 ¼” wide.
Cut light, fusible interfacing the same width as the fabric
Press and fold the ends a couple of centimetres, staggering slightly.
Press the interfacing to the fabric.
Place the long template on the fabric and draw around, I use a 6B pencil.
Fold the template and cut the shorter side.
Trim the curved part with scissors.
Cut the straight part with a rotary cutter
Stitch around with a ¼” seam, leaving the small end open.
Snip the curves.
Turn right side out.
I use a ‘Turn-It-All’, makes the job easy.
Push it through with the poking stick.
Use a fine poker to push out the corners, run it along the seam to push them out.
Press and turn the end over with the staggered side underneath.
I use this set to assemble the two pieces, Very inexpensive, they are really for ready-made bowties but work perfectly for this.
Put the shorter piece through the double loop.
Slip the hook onto the larger piece, facing to the back.
Slip the larger side through the double loop
I sew down the fold and then across, holding it with a stiletto, this stops looping.
Finished seam.

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